I have always loved making handmade art.  Even as a young girl, I remember helping my mother make crafts and snipping quilt squares for her.  Over the years, as I explored projects of my own, I discovered that I don’t like to follow patterns.  I much prefer creating something original. 

My educational background is in Hospitality Management and I worked in the hotel industry for three years before moving to retail.  I was fortunate to work in high-end craft stores that featured high-quality handmade crafts, which only fed my desire to create. 

Although I explored many paths, I always came back to jewelry.  I have been making jewelry for family and friends for more than fourteen years.  Over the years as more people asked my friends and family where they bought the jewelry I gave them, I began to think about starting my own business.  When our family moved to Washington, DC I studied silversmithing at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA.   

I returned to my hometown of Asheville in 2004 with my husband and our growing family. We now have two beautiful daughters.  I built a studio in my home and started Baker Place Originals.  My jewelry can be seen at Art & Craft Shows across the Southeast, area fundraisers, home parties, and retail boutiques. 

I am always exploring new combinations of color and style and I have developed a sense of individuality in my work.  Many of my current designs are created with freshwater pearls, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals combined with sterling silver components.   

My jewelry begins with research into materials, styles, and design.  I aim to create jewelry that fits with your everyday wardrobe, but with flair.  I am currently incorporating the techniques that I have learned to build an entire new creative line bubbling with inspiration from so many aspects of my life.  When I am not designing jewelry, you will find me enjoying my hometown with my family, and well.....creating something.